What Are Good Dissertation Ideas for Business Analytics|Top MBA college in Bangalore

Posted by Prof Manoranjan H P On 24/12/2021 08:07:45

Following are the Good Areas Can Student will prepare a Dissertation are:

Information Systems Strategy

The strategic decisions around the design and management of information systems have an enormous impact on an organization’s capabilities to deploy analytics tools and gather business insights and intelligence. Research at LeBow focuses on key issues such as the design of systems, outsourcing, and technology adoption. Application areas include healthcare systems, global supply chain management, and social media strategies. Top MBA college in Bangalore

Data Mining

Data mining is a process for exploring large datasets for patterns and relationships, and it plays a crucial role in predictive analytics for big data. Research at LeBow focuses on mining structured and unstructured data, including data capture/collection, storage, and management, statistical analysis for structured data, and text mining. Application areas include healthcare management, cybercrime and cybersecurity, operations management, and marketing.

Applied Econometrics and Forecasting

Applied econometrics is the field of developing empirical quantitative models of the economic and business environment in order to develop sound forecasts. Research at LeBow focuses on building and using complex time series models, estimation techniques, and Bayesian statistics, as well as the performance and reliability of econometric software. Application areas include financial modelling and forecasting, educational assessment, antitrust and regulation, and operations management.


Insights and intelligence gained from data analysis can be used to improve business decisions. Optimization is a powerful technique for decision-making and falls into the categories of prescriptive and preemptive analytics. Research at LeBow focuses on how to formulate and solve complex and large-scale optimization models, building customized software packages and decision support systems to do so, and incorporating risk management concerns, dynamic environments, and competition into the decision framework. Application areas include portfolio optimization, operations and supply chain management, and decision-making in the public sector.

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