Team Building and Strategy Activity | MOM Programme | Day-19 | MBA college in Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Anilkumar R On 18/08/2022 07:25:00

Dr. Anilkumar R led a team-building session for the students of the 2022 batch on the 19th day of the MOM program. The goal of the session was to demonstrate teamwork by completing a task with others and participating in a group decision-making process.

Students were divided into groups and given resources balloons, scissors, straws, tapes, etc. The instructions given were, that they had to build the tallest tower with the capacity of holding a load of 250 pages of books on the top of the tower, the time allocated was 2 hours. So, the students were asked to design, plan, and strategize the tower building process. There was continuous monitoring and review by the faculty.

The activity was overwhelmingly enjoyed by students with fun and learning. Finally, the towers were tested and one team was selected as the winner based on the conditions.

The outcome of the workshop: Students learned how to work in a team, job design, develop plan and strategy, risk management, communication, problems, and the advantages of teamwork.


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