A Spotlight on Company Culture and Review at IIBS B- School

Posted by Prof. Samiya Mubeen On 01/09/2018 02:26:09

A Session on Company Culture & Review at IIBS Business School Bangalore. Company Review will give a briefly idea about the background of the company for taking any key decision. Now a day’s reviews have become a regular part of online search routine. A company profile is a quick look into a company, allowing diverse groups of people to get a general idea of what the company’s products or services are, its target market, its unique strengths, its track record, and whether it is a good entity to do business with. Aside from stating facts about a company, company profiles should go beyond that. It should be well-written to convey the predominant values and corporate culture that lends the organization its distinct character.

Demonstrating how effective a company is at meeting its clients or customers’ needs also reflect in good company profiles. A company profile is a professional introduction of the business and aims to inform the audience about its products and services. Company Review, is the activity giving by Prof. Samiya Mubeen, to our MBA students where she gave list of the company to students in a group to review the about the company.

Objective of Company Review:

  • To study overall about the company culture and review.
  • To spread the awareness about the company product and services.

Students went to computer lab to start working upon the activity. Where students collected information which is listed below

  • Overview of Company Strategy
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core values
  • Goals
  • Company Strategy

Since the company review acts like an ambassador of the policies and working style of a any company. The uniqueness of a well written company review not only leaves a good impression on the minds of the readers but can also provide you with the essential wings to fly high in the business world.


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