After Graduation, if you want to become a Manager, is MBA a must?|Top B-schools in Bangalore for MBA

Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 22/01/2022 09:41:59

Thousands of young men and women complete their undergraduate degrees each year with a dream to join an organization and down the line become a Manager.  But, is it practically feasible to become a Manager?  Statistics says No.  Why?  Because the undergraduates mostly lack many skills and traits that are needed to become successful managers.  Is there a way to acquire the same?  Yes, enroll for a postgraduate degree in Management (MBA).  

MBA shapes up the student to acquire business acumen and requisite soft skills to enable them to successfully discharge their duties heading a function in an organization.  Post-graduation typically covers many facets of the business. Let us briefly discuss a few of them.

Firstly discussing and solving many Business Case Studies during the course, sharpens the thinking ability to identify the lacunae in the concept or processes of the function of the company.  These skills will enable them to streamline or redefine the processes of the company they work for, which boost profits, and such employees who take initiative would be naturally rewarded with frequent promotions.

Secondly, the Management student knows the value of money and would always strive to deploy the money into profitable investments and processes.  This conceptual clarity will help the organization to invest in the right kind of products or services that ensures maximum return on investment, considering the risks associated with it.

Now, it is obvious why an MBA makes such a big difference in one’s career advancement.  

Make your right move, now.

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