Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers? | AICTE approved B-school in Bangalore

Posted by Prof. Kuldeep Sharma On 17/06/2022 11:15:13

India, a culturally-diverse country with several ethnicities, has an enormous population base that consists of people with innovative thinking and wide intellectual skills. India's growth rate has already touched the 8 percent mark and with time we can only hope that it touches the double-digit figure. Entrepreneurs are the need of the hour as they can bring along widespread changes in the industry and create job opportunities for the masses. Entrepreneurial skills need to be nurtured in India as they can be the baton holder for India's development.

Managers have to play their role in India's development but they can never supersede the role of an entrepreneur. Each year, there are thousands of managers graduate from B-schools. But hardly anyone of them has the risk-taking skills that are required for delving into sole business enterprises. Managers are required to manage a business entity and that is all they are capable of. However, an entrepreneur has the managerial skills as well as the innovative and risk-taking skills instilled within him.

In today’s world, India definitely needs more entrepreneurs to capture the rising possibilities of business development in India. Promoting Entrepreneurship means encouraging people to be self-reliant in taking economic decisions and creating wealth and employment. Managers do play their role in any economy and every business concern but India at its present juncture definitely needs more entrepreneurs than managers.

Managers play an important role in the overall success of a company. They are responsible for leading a team of employees to meet goals and achieve performance metrics.  A manager is a professional who takes a leadership role in an organization and manages a team of employees. Often, managers are responsible for managing a specific department in their company. There are many types of managers, but they usually have duties like conducting performance reviews and making decisions. Managers are often the line of communication between a company's employees and its high-level executives.  AICTE approved B-school in Bangalore

Managers provide service but they can’t create services. We talk about stand-up India, start-up India, and make-in-India. All these cannot be possible without a vast majority of entrepreneurs.  A manager always finds the best way to handle whatever situation he comes across. While ideas for a new venture are crucial, success is doubtful if it is not managed properly. Some believe, that a good manager is better than an inexperienced entrepreneur. 

But, to compete and rise in the international arena, India needs to innovate and manufacture for the global needs.  India needs an entrepreneurial spirit to transform the way agriculture production, food processing, textiles export, and the fashion & tourism industry operates.

Entrepreneurs foster the transition of an economy from developing to developed ones. They are the blue-eyed boys of our economy, no matter the gender. Anyone can become a manager with a few degrees, but not everyone has the skill to initiate a new business. 

Entrepreneurs are the ones who create jobs and increase the production of goods and services, thus helping India become independent. They are also risk-takers; therefore they are more important than managers in a developing country like India. Encouraging entrepreneurship means encouraging more job opportunities.

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