POP–Day 3 Career Opportunities in Mutual Fund Industry and Tips to Crack Interview for Placement Season 2023

Posted by Prof. Manoranjan HP On 01/12/2022 05:37:27

For the PGDM 2021 batch students, the IIBS Placement Department has organised an HR Interaction Session on the 3rd day of POP 2022. Mr. Pradeep A.M, Manager Hr In N.J India Invest Pvt Ltd, served as the session's resource person. The main objective of the seminar was to offer assistance with the placement season in 2023. The Program was coordinated by prof. Manoranjan, Placement Officer at IIBS.

Mr. Pradeep is an HR Manager with 16 years of experience from NJ, India, and is currently in charge of recruitment in South India. The speaker began the presentation by providing a brief overview of the N. J. organisation before moving on to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of mutual funds in real-world situations. He has described the steps involved in investing in mutual funds, including How, Where, and When to Invest. mba it colleges in bangalore

The mutual fund business, one of the sectors with the highest growth, is currently engaged in the capital market. Young people can choose from a variety of careers in the mutual fund industry, regardless of their academic specialisation. Graduates from the humanities, sciences, and business can readily find employment in this attractive and expanding industry. A++ Rated PGDM college in Bangalore

Additionally, the entry of private companies and other financial institutions into the mutual fund markets has expanded the range of jobs available in this industry. online mba colleges in bangalore

Being an HR professional, the speaker discussed the abilities needed for students to succeed in interviews as well as the job roles and packages that organisations. Speaker then emphasised the importance of the psychometric test and the soft skills needed to succeed in interviews. He informed the pupils that the current situation calls for an excellent placement plan.

Basically, you need a mix of expertise, self-assurance, soft skills, and leadership traits to ace interviews and land your dream job. Particularly in the current environment, where many MBA graduates lack the necessary skill set to find employment due to a dearth of industry-required talent. Therefore, in this situation, having a solid interview preparation technique is crucial to landing a fantastic job.

The session was concluded with a one-on-one interaction between students and a resource person. top 10 mba colleges in bangalore

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