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A financial manager is a person who is responsible for taking care of all the essential financial functions of an organization. Nowadays, Finance Managers spend less time producing financial reports and prefer to invest more time in conducting data analysis, planning and strategizing, or advising senior managers or top executives. best colleges for mba correspondence in bangalore

Responsibilities of Finance Manager:

Raising of funds: to meet the needs of the business, it is essential to have cash and liquidity so, that a firm can raise funds by way of equity or debt. A financial manager is responsible for maintaining the right balance between equity and debt. 
Allocation of funds: After the funds are raised, the next important thing is to allocate the funds. The best possible manner of allocating the funds: online mba colleges in bangalore

  • Size of the organizations and their growth capability
  • Status of assets about long-term or short term
  • The mode by which the funds are raised

These types of financial decisions can, directly and indirectly, influence other activities.

Profit Planning: It is one of the primary functions of any business organizations. Profit earning is essential for the survival and livelihood of any organization. Profits emerge due to various factors such as pricing, industry competition, state of the economy, mechanism of demand and supply, cost and output. mba colleges in bangalore list
Understanding capital markets: Shares of a company are traded on the stock exchange for a continuous sale and purchase. It is understood that the capital market is an essential factor for a financial manager. Hence, it is the responsibility of a concern person to understand and calculate the risk involved in this trading of shares debts. top ten mba colleges in bangalore

Role of a Financial Manager

The role of a financial manager is rapidly increasing due to advance technology which has significantly reduced the amount of time that was occupied to produce financial reports. mba colleges in bangalore list 

  • They analyze market trends to find opportunities for expansion or for acquiring companies.
  • They have to do some tasks that are specific to their organization or industry
  • They manage company credit
  • Make some dividend pay-out decisions
  • Keep in touch with the stock market if the company is listed
  • Appreciate the financial performance concerning return investments
  • They maximize the wealth for company shareholders
  • To handle financial negotiations with banks and financial institutions

Types of Financial Managers: 

  • Controllers: They direct the preparation of financial reports that summarize and forecast the organization's financial reports such as income statements, balance sheets, etc. A++ Rated PGDM college in Bangalore
  • Treasures and finance officers: These officers direct their organization's budgets to meet its financial goals to oversee the investment of funds.
  • Credit managers- They manage the organization's credit business. mba it colleges in bangalore
  • Cash managers: They monitor the flow of the cash that comes in and goes out of the company to meet the investment needs of an organization.
  • Risk managers: They control financial risk by using strategies to limit the probability of a financial loss. 

Above, are mentioned some roles and responsibilities of a financial manager who work closely with top executives and departments to develop the data they need. mba courses in bangalore

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