What is the minimum salary after MBA? |MBA admission 2022 Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 19/01/2022 12:06:26

The minimum salary any MBA graduate can get is 3.5L. Now, engineering profiles are said to be the most reputed profile to work with compared to any other job. But when it comes to salary compared to engineers MBA candidates are paid the most. A majority of recruiters say the reasons for their high confidence in business school hires are that they have a versatile skill set (72%), they are strategic thinkers (71%), and have strong communication skills (69%). With all these updated skills MBA job profiles are the ones that get paid more compared to the engineers. Engineering interviews also include a lot of interview processes along with aptitude tests and technical tests, whereas most MBA interview processes don't ask to clear aptitude. It mostly requires communication skills and management skills. An MBA will help you develop your managerial skills, and adequately prepare you for real-world problems. It will give you a sound foundation in business that will help you understand business as a whole while helping you to develop a holistic approach to the work environment. It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you climb the corporate ladder. The skills and knowledge you will learn along the way will help to distinguish you from amongst your contemporaries. It helps you to develop your personality as well. It helps to equip you with the right people skills, presentation skills, communication skills, and lots more.

While certain B-Schools across India are known to offer such career-oriented MBA or  International Institute of Business Management (IIBS), by virtue of being a multiple-specialization B-School, too has made its mark as a career-oriented institute for MBA. IIBS has a full-fledged campus in Bangalore.

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