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Posted by Kavya J On 23/12/2021 07:57:52

HR professionals can play a role in responding to this disruption, even though it's not easy. In many ways HR is a "no-win" profession: when things go well management takes the credit, and when things go poorly, HR is often blamed.

All that today’s global HR function is expected to do: train managers, address diversity problems, find and hire talented people as fast as possible, train better employees, onboard and transition people smoothly, pay people competitively,  arrange great benefits and perks, and build a work environment that is rewarding, enjoyable, and inspiring. And through it all, HR is also expected to maintain accurate records, make sure the global payroll works efficiently, and keep the company out of legal and compliance problems in hundreds of countries around the world. Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore accepting PGCET

The Hard Things are the "transactional" issues at work: getting people screened and hired, posting job descriptions, building a career portal, running the payroll, making sure compliance training is done, getting people to do appraisals, and handling employee grievances, safety issues, and terminations. 

The Soft Things are the "people-centric" challenges at work: making sure performance management is done in a positive way, training new managers to be effective, building leadership and executive pipeline, assessing and strengthening culture and engagement, understanding turnover and productivity, and diagnosing complex issues like theft, harassment, lack of diversity, collaboration, innovation, and employment brand. While HR can be creative and consultative in addressing these "soft issues," they tend to be squeezed into available time and budget, while the "hard stuff" gets done first.

The Seven Key Findings: 

  • Design employee experiences by segmenting and understanding the work lives of your people. 
  • Use HR technology to help improve people's productivity and experience at work.
  • Lead the company's digital transformation. 
  • Understand and support agile and team-centric organizational models.
  • Work with leadership to shape a culture of trust, inclusion, purpose, and accountability. 
  • Design the HR function to operate as a network of teams, breaking down silos within the HR function and with the rest of the business.
  • Regenerate, professionalize, and continuously develop your HR professionals. 

To conclude, HR must follow these practices to work efficiently and effectively and lead the organization to success.

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