Curriculum Orientation | MOM Programme | Day-16 | Session- 2 | MBA Course in Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 10/08/2022 06:37:51

The session on Curriculum has been taken by Dr Samiya Mubeen, Principal, on the 16th day of the MOM programme. IIBS knows that the students are from diverse backgrounds like educational, geographical, and social, and the students need some time to accustom themselves to the new environment.  

Starting a new phase of life in a Management course in a new college and new location can lower students' confidence. To energize and build confidence among students, orientation is intended to provide information about the Management programme.

The Dr Samiya Mubeen led this session in which the pros and cons/do's and don'ts were discussed with every student. To motivate students and set them on their new academic journey, lots of activity-based learning takes place during the orientation programme, and a briefing about the Management Program for the next two years is shared along with a road map.

In this management orientation students are introduced to their college and its academic infrastructure which helps them in their personal and academic goals. Students are familiarized with academic culture and other students, staff and teachers. So that comprehensive information is provided which helps the students to gain knowledge. During the orientation programme, students are introduced to their new class fellows, and this helps them to make new friends. Fear factors will be removed and confidence in shaping a good career can be incorporated among the students.


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