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Who earns more HR or marketing?


Human resources are responsible for ensuring that employees are satisfied, productive, and consistent with the company's values and brand. As the job market continues to improve, businesses make a concerted effort to retain employees. A large human resources department will have subdivisions for discipline, compensation, benefits, training, and recruitment. You have a variety of options for exploring to determine your best fit.

Human resources frequently refer to itself as Marketing's "poor sibling." The latter is regarded as more creative and outward-facing. However, human resources are critical in terms of hiring, retaining, and terminating employees. Employee satisfaction and safety on the job have a significant impact on a business's productivity.

While marketing has historically paid more than human resources, this is changing in some corporate environments. A Human Resources (HR) Manager with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of Rs.360,324 (which includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) based on 312 salaries. A seasoned Human Resources (HR) Manager with ten to nine years of experience earns an average total compensation of Rs.999,491, according to 1,343 salaries. Employees with a late-career (20 years or more) earn an average total compensation of Rs.990,155. (https://www.payscale.com)

In human resources, you may get to know a large number of employees on a very personal level. You may need to speak with them if they are underperforming or are about to be fired. It is critical to be sympathetic while also maintaining boundaries. Accounting skills are also useful in human resources, particularly if you work in payroll or benefits.


A marketing department's objective is to increase business by promoting the company's brand. This may be accomplished by its team members through advertising, websites, events, and public relations. Marketing success may be measured in terms of sales or through more ancillary tactics (like website visits).

If you work in marketing, you will work to increase your company's profile and to present it in the best possible light. You'll work to develop an appealing brand and to keep it front and center in customers' minds.

A Marketing Manager in their early career with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of Rs.510,136 per year, according to 918 salaries. Employees with a late-career (20 years or more) earn an average total compensation of Rs.866,165.(https://www.payscale.com)

Chief Marketing Officers earn an average of $200,000 per year on a global scale. CMOS at large public corporations, on the other hand, can earn significantly more. Starbucks' chief marketing officer earns more than $2 million per year!

Salary ranges for marketing professionals vary significantly by industry, level of experience, and geographic location. If you begin working for a nonprofit immediately after college, you may earn less than thirty thousand dollars per year. However, there is considerable room for advancement.

Salaries also vary according to your marketing specialization. If you develop a strong focus on marketing technology, you can immediately begin earning significantly more money.

Marketing frequently seeks out individuals with strong backgrounds in the visual arts or writing. If you enjoy experimenting with colors, fonts, and imagery, you might be interested in working on graphic design projects in Marketing.

If you are proficient in coding or data analysis, you may be drawn to the marketing technology field. If you're up to date on current trends and maintain an active Instagram account, you might consider applying for the position of social media coordinator.

Which Field Is Right For You? Human Resources vs. Marketing

If you're deciding between HR and marketing, take your career goals and salary expectations into account. Which types of projects and pressures excite you the most, and which terrify you the most? MBA specialization is largely determined by your personality, abilities, and career objectives. Marketing and finance, as traditional fields, will always be popular. Individuals who prefer to crunch numbers and are comfortable relegating balance sheets to the background may benefit from a Finance specialization. Marketing is a great specialization for those who enjoy client interaction, are creative and innovative, and have an easy ability to influence others. Because each field has numerous subspecialties, you are certain to find the job that is a perfect fit for you. 

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